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August 27, 2007


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hi, my cat got injured yesterday the vet said it was a car injury, he doesnt think there's a break in his pelvis but has had a severe knock to it - leaving him in a lot of pain and not able to stand for more than a few seconds, he has only just today found the energy to get up and wee in his tray, he wont eat or drink much but will eat yoghurt is this ok for my cat.. he is 9 mths old


can i also add that vet did give him 10ml of Vetergesic Anaesthetic, A ketofen anti-biotic injection & A Synulox anti inflamatory injection.. how long will it take before he will be able to walk again.. he looks at me with his big sad eye's and i feel totally helpless..


If you are dealing with an uncomplicated pelvic fracture, most cats that young would be up walking in two weeks.

If it is just severely bruised, then a few days may see your baby up and going again.

It's important to stay in touch with your veterinarian and keep him/her posted as to the kitty's progress.

Sometimes something is weakened in the initial injury and doesn't break until later. Be alert for any changes, good or bad.

I think the long-range prognosis is good, based on what you have told me.

Yogurt should not hurt your cat. Right now, the best diet is the one you can get him to eat. Don't worry about spoiling him. He can't get well if he doesn't have any fuel.

If he is still painful, you might ask your veterinarian about buprenorphine. This is a mild narcotic that is usually well tolerated by cats.

Good luck.


hi my 2 year old shitzu got hit by a car a week ago, he stayed at the vets overnight and got released the next day. he has a seperated pelvis and is currently taking pain relief but hasnt moved much, he wont get up for the toilet and seems to be in pain when moved.... is this normal....


Hello, Ellen,

It usually takes two to four weeks for an uncomplicated pelvic fracture to knit. Most will heal with good nursing care and "bed rest".

During this time, the dog does require assistance to eliminate, as it cannot stand or walk without severe pain.

Pain control is certainly part of good nursing care. Be sure to stay in touch with your veterinarian and let them know how your dog is doing. You may need to get the meds refilled before the dog is actually trying to get up and walk.

If he develops new signs of problems, or does not appear to be gradually improving, you should call your veterinarian.

Good luck.


My beloved Yorkie got hit by a car on 7-21-09. He fractured his pelvis in 4 locations (both sides). Truly a miracle he survived. He had pelvic surgery on 7-24-09. He came home on the 27th and was doing well. However, this weekend he has not been eating, drinking, and whimpering quite a bit. (he's on pain meds.) I'm worried. What could have happened?? He was doing so well. I'll be taking him to the vet tomorrow. How long will he experience pain? It breaks my heart to see him in such pain.


Hello, Paula,

It is common to have pain for several days after such an extensive surgery, but it should be getting better instead of worse.

Please be cautious about increasing your dog's medication. This may or may not be safe, depending on what type of medication you have. Overdosing on some types of medicine can cause serious stomach damage, and possibly fatal kidney damage. Others can be increased quite a bit.

You might just try calling your veterinarian to ask about the safety of this until you can get in to see him/her.

Good luck.


My dog was hit by a truck yesturday has a fracture in 4 locations. I can tell that she needs to eliminate but it hurts her to bad to try. Is there any way I can help her or do I just wait? I have been feeding her canned dog food with stool softeners to help.


Hello, Johanna,

So sorry about your pet's injury.

Is she taking pain medication? I am sure that she needs it.

The canned food and stool softener is a great idea. It is possible that your dog will need an enema.

You really should talk to your veterinarian about this. They may need to recheck her situation, and they can help you with the enema, if needed.

Good luck.


my dog got run over by a jeep, fortunately he survived but he has a dislocated joint,its called some thing like a femor or pelvic fracture,there arent any vet surgeons around and i have been advised by my vet to just give him 6ml of brufen and restrict his movement as much as possible. The dog is in a lot of pain as he cant even sit, please advise


Hello, Omar,

The femur is thigh bone (from knee to hip joint). The pelvis is the girdle of bone that forms the birth canal (in females).

If the joint is dislocated, it really needs to be put back in place. When this is not possible, some dogs will eventually develop a "false joint". They have enough muscle and tendon to support the body weight, even when the "ball isn't in the socket" of the hip joint.

Unfortunately, sometimes the bone-on-bone will be too painful for the dog to walk on this.

If the femur is broken, that is very unlikely to heal back together on its own. It has happened, but usually will wind up with a non-union. The ends of the bone heal over and quit hurting, but they don't stick together so the dog can walk on it.

If only the pelvis is broken, it will usually heal on its own, given a couple of weeks of supportive care.

You do want to control the dog's pain in the meantime, no matter what the injury is. Ibuprofen is of questionable safety in dogs. Some can tolerate it okay, but there have been reports of dogs who develop a bleeding stomach ulcer after only one pill.

If you are using over-the-counter human medications, you may be better off with something like Tylenol (acetaminophen). Most dogs can tolerate one regular strength tablet (325mg) per 40 pounds of body weight, given every 8 hours.

I can't really prescribe for a dog I haven't seen.

Usually the pain gets a lot better after 3 days or so, but it's pretty tough right now. You have to help him in and out to eliminate his waste. Sometimes using a towel under his belly as a sling will allow him to walk on his front legs some.

You want to come as close as possible to complete bed rest for the next two weeks.

Stay in touch with your veterinarian.

Good luck.

Celeste Rousseau

My precious Schnauzer/Yorky mix was hit by a car & broke her hip 7 years ago. She has healed and walks on her leg from time to time but I have noticed great sensitivity when I touch her leg lately.(nerve damage?)She goes under the bed a lot which tells me she is in pain.I would love to find a natural alternative to help her with pain and possible arthiritis. I did have her on Previcox at one time but it seemed to upset her already sensitive stomach.Somebody recommended a joint pill by Drs foster& Smith.i would love to get your input on this. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Celeste Rousseau

Living in NC,I have noticed a horrible flea infestation. Used frontline plus on my dogs only to discover fleas 3-4 days later. I hate the idea of dousing my dogs with all these chemicals. I have investigated natural alternatives and was wondering if you have had any experience with this and it's effectiveness?


Hello, Celeste,

It is possible that the Frontline isn't working, but I suspect that you have an infested environmental area. The point is that most of the flea's life cycle takes place OFF the animal in the environment. Each flea lays hundreds of eggs each weak, and they fall off into the environment. Once they develop into a new flea, they can remain dormant for months in your yard, carpet, upholstery, etcetera. This is why having a flea-control product that stays on the pet for one month is so great. When the animal returns to the flea-cocoon-infested area, and pick up new fleas (within seconds). This may be what you are seeing. If so, they will be very small and black. The Frontline should kill the new fleas die before they start the cycle over again. If you are seeing big brown fleas, then they have been there feeding for a while and we need to do something else.

Here's a link to the flea life cycle put up by some other nice folks.

I don't really have much experience with "alternative" treatments. If you have a specific substance or product in mind, I would be interested in investigating it for you.

For our patients who don't do well with Frontline, we have had good luck with the once-a-month pill Comfortis.

Good luck


Hi, my cat (10 months old neutered male) was hit by a car yesterday morning, and only managed to get himself home at 2 this morning. Poor thing had dragged himself through many unfamiliar gardens as his usual routes all involve high fences. Last night it looked really bad with no pain response in the tail or back legs, but today he's moving his legs, twitching his tail, and even tried to put a little weight on his legs to shuffle himself back in his crate after his examination. There was blood in his pee last night, and we're not sure what control he has over his elimination. The vet isn't operating on the pelvis fracture (confirmed by x-rays), so that means it probably does't affect the hips or ischium right? It's apparently a fairly bad fracture though. How big should his immobilisation area be? (I'm hoping there's no lasting nerve damage, as he's such a fighter and I really want to see him get better). I have a hallway which has nothing to jump up on (all my other rooms do) and is about 3 foot by 7 foot. I could narrow it down further if needed with a big bit of mdf or chipboard something. Is there a spectrum of lasting nerve damage to bladder and bowel, or is it either on or off? If there's only minor damage and continence problems, I would not be adverse to seeing if there's a way to work through it (I've lived with a cat with sleep-incontinence before, and it's a pain but when you love them you do your best).

Just so worried for him right now.


Hello, Aoife,

It sounds to me like you need to get in better communication with your veterinarian. He/she is better equipped to answer, based on direct knowledge of your cat's case.

Generally speaking, I would restrict the cat to a travel crate or playpen type enclosure. We don't want him dragging himself all over the house. Think bed-rest.

There are certainly gradients of neurological function loss. However, it is possible that there is no permanent nerve damage and what you are experiencing is temporary poor function due to swelling and inflammation.

I am assuming that you veterinarian is providing pain control medicine for your cat. Cats do not tolerate most human medications for pain, so please do not give your cat medicine without consulting with his doctor.

Most pelvic fractures, even when severe, do allow for a return to normal function, provided that the joints are not involved.

Good luck.


Hi,my female cat that is about 7 months old got runover by a car and we talked to the vet and she said to put it in a confined space and wait for some results. She must have pelvic fracture because she can walk or more of a waddle on her legs but she doesnt seem to want to eat and she is in lots of pain. She can barely stand herself up for a few seconds. I dont see how she will make it to the litter box. she is on bed rest. With her food and water by her.



The cat will need help to get to the litterbox and help to keep standing while she eliminates.

I think that she does need pain medicine, but there are no safe over-the-counter drugs for cats. Your veterinarian can supply pain medication, such as buprenorphine, but not without seeing the cat. Take her in for a visit to her doctor.

Most pelvic fractures will knit and allow the animal to get up walking within two weeks if the hip joints are not damaged and there is no spinal damage.

If the pelvis is fractured, that usually causes the birth canal to be deformed. She would not be able to deliver kittens if she got pregnant, so you will need to have her spayed.

Good luck.


why do you let your animals out???!!!! and put them in harms way?? would you do that to your toddlers or babies?/ please keep your small innocent animals indoors!!! PLEASE!
I have a cat perfectly fine and lives indoors and out of harms way.

Rita D.

My 2 yr old cat was in the grass not moving. The neighbor saw him and said he was dragging his back legs. He typically loves to go on the roof, so it may be an injury due to a fall or perhaps a car hit him. The vet took a couple xrays to verify that it was a pelvic fracture. She suggested surgery which would cost $1500-$2000. The other option, which we took, was to give him a sedative, also antibiotics, bring him home and watch to see if the injury heals on its own. Well saidly, he passed away that same evening. Could the vet have missed something? I could only figure that he was bleeding internally or something.


Hello, Rita,

Sometimes an internal organ is greatly weakened by the injury, but has not yet ruptured (spleen, urinary bladder, kidney,liver, other organ with large blood vessels). Thus, at the time of the exam, there is no evidence of internal bleeding, because there isn't any -- yet.

Later, the weakened structure gives way, and internal hemorrhage takes place with no warning. This is very hard to predict. Unless the patient is hospitalized for constant monitoring in intensive care, you wouldn't detect the problem until it was too late to do anything.

I am sorry for your loss.

amy l.

my one year old yorkie/chiuauah was hit by a car. she had 3 fractures to her pelvic bone. 2 were just cracks but one was a break..my vet set the break..she improves everyday..when i come home from work she gets so excited to see me she tries to get up..it usually causes her pain.. the accident happened amost a week ago..her trying to get up or getting up while no ones home will not affect her healing will it?

any info would be great..thanks


Hello, Amy,

You need to confine your dog to a kennel-cage so that she cannot drag herself around much. An occasional attempt to rise won't slow her healing that much, but she doesn't need to be struggling from one end of the house to the other.

Most of these kids heal in 2 to 4 weeks. Be sure and check with your veterinarian about getting her spayed (if she isn't already). Pelvic fractures can deform the birth canal, making normal delivery of pups impossible, and requiring a C-section. We sure don't want her to get pregnant.

Good luck.

Tyson and Teagan

Our 12 year old terrier-poodle was hit by a truck last night and fractured his pelvis in four places. This morning he had surgery to put a screw in the major displacement, as advised by the veterinarian. The surgeon told us that during the surgery, there was a lot of unexpected muscle damage torn off the bone. They haven't really given us any information as to whether or not he will recover at all.
I understand that at 12 years old his recovery may not be as easy as a young pup, but he is extremely healthy, and our regular veterinarian says his blood work could be mistaken for a young adult!
We are all very worried and at this point do not know what to expect for tomorrow. I haven't read a case regarding muscle damage.. do you have any information?

Lynz Smith

Hi, my cat Lou is an indoor cat. He's 4 years old and has always been healthy. Half a week ago he was rough housing with our other male cat when he awkwardly fell from the back of the couch. He was immediately in pain and extremely agitated. We took him to the vet's the next morning and he was so mad (hates the vet) that they couldn't even examine him without anesthesia. They took two x-rays and had to give him more anesthesia in order to catherize him to treat bladder crystals (probably unrelated?). The vet suspected a pelvic fracture but wasn't completely confidant with the x-ray. She said if it was a fracture that it was close to the joint. We brought him home the next day and have been giving him vet prescribed Bioclav and Tramadol. He does seem like he's in a lot of pain but is able to walk to the litter box and he's been eating and eliminating fine. However he's very agitated and still tries to climb on top of things. I'm most concerned that he'll need surgery but we're hoping he will heal on his own. Do you have any ideas on what the best options and treatments are? He's a very difficult cat to keep on bed rest and he looks so pitiful. Please help, thank you. Lynz

amy l.

hello, i just had another question.. my dog is confined by the way!! she seems to want to sit on her back legs and stand often. should i let her do this? or is this just proof of her making good progress in her treatment? i would hate for her to have a set back and for it to take longer to heal.. thanks, amy


Hello, Tyson & Teagan,

Your surgeon can probably give you more meaningful advice than I can, and he/she should be willing to sit down with you and give you a better explanation. He/she may think that all your questions have been answered already, and be perfectly willing to spend more time with you if you just ask.

My own take would be that this would certainly slow the healing, but not prevent it. I would also be concerned about nerve damage. The sciatic nerve is the main nerve for the hind leg, and comes over the pelvic bone just behind the hip socket. If it were torn in half, your dog would lose the use of the leg.

The pelvis is almost "encased" in muscle and tendon. This is why many pelvic fractures don't need other immobilization. If those bones are broken, then you would expect muscle tearing as well. I think the prognosis would still be pretty decent.

Again, I urge you to talk to your surgeon and let him/her know about your concerns.

Good luck.


Hello, Lynz,

Talk to your veterinarian about this. It sounds like we need to look at cage rest for a week or so, and that may require some sedation in addition to the pain-killers and antibiotics.

Some cats adapt well to being kept in a kennel (You need one big enough to accommodate a litter-box, and the litter-box will need to be cleaned more often, because he's stuck so close to it. Who wants to live next to a porta-potty?) If he does not adapt well to the kennel cage, then sedatives may be helpful.

I'm not a big fan of drugging pets (or people) into submission, but it sounds like this guy really needs to avoid jumping and falling for a week or two.

Talk to your veterinarian.

Good luck.


Hello, Amy,

Should you let her? How would you stop her?

As long as she is confined so that she is not overdoing it, I wouldn't worry about this. It does sound like she is making progress in her healing.

Stay in touch with your veterinarian and follow his/her directions.

Good luck.


We adopted Tippy, my now, 10 year old jack russell female 4 years ago from the county pound. She had always walked funny, not bending her back legs and often holdig one rear leg up when she ran/walked. My vet said she may have been abused and had developed arthritis. She never complains and seems to be happy and healthy so we just accepted this was how she would always be. Recently she stopped going poo and strains but nothing happens. She was not herself that day so I took her to the emergency vet. They misdiagnosed her as constipated... 3 days later she started to poo blood. my vet said that was normal from the strain but I insisted on bringing her in. More xrays and another failed enema, the vet told me that Tippy had refractured her pelvis. Her anal passage is completely shut. We are going to a surgical specialist in the morning. I am truly scared and broken hearted. She is my best friend. Can you offer any advice so I can help my litle dog and mentally prepare myself?


Hello, Terri,

Sorry to be so late responding. I was out of town for a few days, no internet.

It is very odd for a pelvis to spontaneously fracture when there is no history of new trauma. I am glad you are seeing a specialist, as I would be concerned that there is some other underlying disease going on.

In addition to looking for a deeper problem, I am sure that the specialist will prescribe pain medicine for Tippy so that she can be comfortable.

The pelvic bone has such a complex and irregular shape that it takes a very skilled orthopedic surgeon to do much with fractures in that area.

It sounds like you are on the right track. Let me know what you find.


Hello, Our 1 1/2 year old Husky took off Sunday night, and was found down the road early yesterday morning, unable to walk on one back leg. The x-ray showed several pelvic fractures and her left hip is basically shattered with the middle of the ilium broken and pushed completely midline. The femur is fine, as well as the spine. Vet said she had to have been hit by car going at least 55 mph because of the extent of the damage. She has bowel and bladder control, can stand on her right leg with some discomfort, and all reflexes are intact. The vet said that she could undergo TPO if we could find someone to do it, put her down, or let the fractures knit themselves with bedrest for the next 6-8 weeks. We opted for the bedrest as long as she is not suffering. I am wondering what your experience with this is, and how long should it take for her to start improving? She is drinking, not eating much. Is in a kennel on bed rest, taking Tramadol 100 mg three times a day, and is also on an COX inhibitor once daily. She does whine with moving her to go to the bathroom, etc. Is there anything else that we can do to help her heal and keep her comfortable? Do you think she has a good chance of living a relatively decent life since she still has the use of one leg? Any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is a heartbreaking situation.


Hello, Tara,

Your veterinarian is best equipped to advise you, as he/she is seeing your dog and I am not.

Generally speaking, if the acetabulum (hip socket) is intact, most dogs will heal spontaneously with the bed rest and pain control, and have a normal quality of life.

The pelvic canal can be quite deformed by this type of injury, but it rarely keeps the dog from having normal bowel movements. If that occurs, you will either need corrective surgery, or have to use stool softeners regularly.

With females, I usually recommend that they be spayed, as they are not likely to be able to deliver puppies through a deformed birth canal.

I have had many patients with rather severe pelvic fractures who were up walking around in two weeks, though four to six is more realistic with an adult dog.

Generally speaking, going by your description of the injuries, I think the chance of a happy outcome is very good.

Keep your veterinarian informed of your dog's progress (or lack of it), and of any new signs that develop.

Thanks for reading and writing.


our dog got hit by a car last night and she seems to be having trouble with her right leg and hip she can walk but sure seems to be in alot of pain when doing so. the vet says to get her up and walk her so often ... I see on here where you say bed rest for a few weeks is good ? HELP plz this our family pet and i don't want to hurt her any more than she alredy is !


Hello, Deb,

If your dog has been X-rayed so that we know there are no fractures, then short periods of movement will help her. She would still have a lot of bruising, so she should be taking some pain medicine or anti-inflammatory medicine (NOT over the counter meds like Aleve or Ibuprofen).

You don't want to push her hard, but just lying in one spot will probably make her get more stiff and sore.

If you are not sure whether anything is broken, then you do need to find that out.

With the pelvic fractures, we don't want them moving a lot, because we want the bones to knit together. Less motion equals faster healing.

Good luck.

wardah razak

My 1 month old kitten Leah hurt her rear while playing wildly with her siblings. She got stuck somewhere and then just started limping... She applies pressure on her foot and acts and plays normally but her hip bones seem skew as she runs and walks with a limp... I've taken her to see the vet and he didn't say anything about her pelvis but that I should get back to him in a few days time if she's not walking properly... Could her pelvis be fractured? Is it something Leah could live with as it doesn't seem as she has any pain? If not she's very young and I doubt surgery would be an option?! Please advise/comment



It's pretty hard for me to advise you about a case that I haven't seen. I really think that you need to speak with your veterinarian again with your questions.

From your description, I am hopeful that you are dealing only with a sprain or strain. At this age, it is difficult to evaluate X-rays. There are many cartilage growth plates in the bone, and these look just like breaks in the bone on an X-ray. These are also weak places in the bone, and they may break in these spots.

The good news is that kittens are really good orthopedic patients. They heal really well. There's an old saying that if you can get the bones in the same room, they will heal. That's a joke, of course, but you get the idea.

I think that with rest, there is a very good chance that your kitten will get back to normal.

Good luck.

akua lum

i want to thank you for your blog. reading your answers about pelvic fractures on cats has made me feel comfortable and at peace with what we have been doing for our little kitten. i appreciate your efforts. you are helping lots of animals get the best treatment. i will look at your sponsors as a thank you.

Jessica Lotz

My dog was hit by a truck and broke his pelvis in 3 places. The vet suggested we wait till the first of the week and see how his pain level is, then decide on surgery. They said he could heel just fine with rest and time, but I hate to see him suffer. The problem is surgery will be very costly and we will have to go to a specialist. Its been 24hours and I believe we have his pain under control. He is a 2yr old springer spaniel who is like a son to us, as a specialist what do you suggest for most cases like this?


Hello, Jessica,

I am not a specialist of any kind.

My experience has been that most dogs with pelvic fractures will heal with cage rest, providing that the hip joints are not involved. There is a large amount of muscle and tendon surrounding the pelvis, which tends to act as a sort of "self-cast".

Due to the irregular shape of the pelvic bones and the large amount of muscle and tendon surrounding them, it is very difficult to surgically repair them with bone plates. That generally does take a specialist in orthopedic surgery.

If is his pain is under control and your veterinarian thinks the prognosis is good, that sounds good to me.

If you are uncertain about the recommendations, you could ask your veterinarian for a referral to a specialist to get a second opinion.

Your veterinarian has seen your dog and your X-rays, and is in a much better position to advise you than I am.

Good luck.


My two year old boxer got loose from me when I was trying to open the door to get her in the house after pottying and she ended up getting hit by a truck. I took her to the vet and she had a broken pelvis. There's about a one inch piece of bone that broke off of her pelvis and her hip bone moved forward some. The vet said that kennel rest should help her heal. They put her on Metacam and an antibiotic. She can move her leg and everything, I'm just worried about whether everything will move back to normal?


Hello, Beth,

"back to normal" is a relative situation. When this heals, it will not look like there has never been an injury. From your description, I expect that the X-ray will show some bumps and some stuff that's a little crooked.

However, it probably will not affect function at all. As long as the birth canal is not deformed and the hip joints are not affected, then your dog should return to normal function.

This is a common injury and most dogs return to full function without long-term problems.

You should discuss your concerns with your veterinarian, as he/she has seen the dog and the X-rays, and can give you a more accurate idea of what to expect.

Good luck.


My american bulldog was hit my a garbage truck this morning. we took her to the emergency hospital she has fractured her ilium, but they have been waiting for her to urninate since 10 this morning! is that a bad sign that she hasnt used the restroom? and is there something they could do to actually help her urinate?


Got an update on my american bulldog this morning. She finally urinated and they found blood in it. Could you tell me what the chances are that my isobel will make it?


This is the type of question that you really need to ask you veterinarian. All things being equal, I would say yes. If she got hit hard enough to break her pelvis, it could certainly bruise her bladder enough to cause some bleeding. This would have a good chance of healing without complications, but needs to be monitored. Her bladder could be injured in such a way that it deteriorates more with time. Also her urethra could be injured. Stay in touch with you veterinarian.

Diana Haines

We have a two year old hanging tree dog, Jack. He broke his collar off and was hit by a truck Wednesday night. We took him to the vet and he has a broken pelvis. He were given stool softners, antibotics and pain meds for him and he has been on bed rest. He has been urinating but he hasn't eliminataed himself yet. When we take him out he stands up and walks!! Are these good signs or not? Should we not allow him to stand and walk? I'm afraid he will hurt himself more. How long should we wait for a bm before we should be concerened? Please help. I am just heart sick about my baby and really don't know what to do!!



It usually takes two to four weeks for an uncomplicated pelvic fracture to heal. It is good that he feels like standing up and walking, but he will heal faster if he rests.

Let your veterinarian know that he has not yet had a bowel movement He may recommend some additional laxative, or not. He/she has a better idea of what the situation is than I do.

The outlook sounds generally good, from what you've told me.

Best wishes.

Diana Haines

Thanks Doc. Actually as of 30 minutes ago he finally had a bowel movement. One of he joyous times of my life. I now feel convident that he will make full recoery!!

Linda Shier

Thank you for all your information on the nursing issues that apply to a fractured (X3) pelvis. My 1.5 yr old large shitzu was hit by a truck 4 days ago. He is on Meloxicam and Auexil???. He is resting well in a confined space. He had diarhea for the fist two days after leaving the vet. Yesterday he had a normal bowel movement outside. I was told to use a scarf to help suppot him when it is bathroom time and am unsure how to do this. I have gave him yougart and eggs because he is not interested in his dog food. My question is: How do I support him as he goes to the washroom?


Hello, Linda,

A scarf or towel can be used as a sling. You would pass it under his belly, just in front of his hind legs. Thus, it would be a narrow band between his hind legs and the front of his penile sheath.

Holding the ends, you would support him sort of like a wheelbarrow.

They make special slings for dogs with long-term problems, but most of these guys are up getting around in 2 to 4 weeks.

You might look at this site:


Good luck.


My 11month old jack russel puppy got hit by a car. Broke her pelvis in 3 places and theres a bone just on top of the pelvis that is misplaced and it looks like it is sticking out from where it used to be. She still ran home after the accident and just moaned when i picked her up, but other than that she looked okay, a little down and shaky, but you would not say she had just been in an terrible accident. When the vet told us that we must decide what we want to do between surgery and puting her down, puting her down was defnitly not een a option for me.Cause my dog certainly does not look like a dog that is busy dieing! The surgery would cost me between R6000-R8000. Wich i unfortunately do not have. I asked the vet if there is a chance that my baby girl could recover without surgary and she said we could take her home for about 5-7 days and if she can urinates and poo by herself then she could recover by bed resting. She have been bed resting for 2days with great painkillers that are working very well. She urinated normally and were eating good and dranked alot of flueds. But she hasnt had any bowel movement. She normally used to be constipated even before the accident. So i called the vet and asked her if theres something to relieve my puppy from her constipation. And she gaved me an ointment that the dog must eat. I gave her the prescribed meds this morning and now 12h later she still havnt made poopies. And after i gaved her the meds this morning she also stopped eating and only took a few sips of water. This is concerning me. When i put her down outside the door to go poopies then she runs back inside easily on her 3 legs without moaning. (i dont allow any movement otherwise but since she is now scared to be outside, she slips pass me to go inside and lie down) Its been 3 days, should i be concerned that she hasnt made poopies? Or could it still happen? Can it be the new medication for her constipation that made her stopped eating? And what can i do to help her more. Shes my little baby and it will kill me to loose her, espessialy since i had my previous jack russel for 13years and lost her a month before getting this one.


Hello, Dilliakotze,

If she is walking on three legs and urinating okay, then the prognosis is very good. She may have some arthritis at an early age on the side where the injury is worse.

I would suspect that the poor appetite is more due to pain than to the constipation treatment. It is also possible that if she is indeed constipated, that would reduce her appetite.

The "ointment" for constipation sounds like the preparation we use to treat hairballs in cats. It is basically flavored petrolatum (Vaseline is the common tradename here).

If the dog does not like to eat this, some dogs will eat their regular food with mineral oil poured over it like gravy. Both petrolatum and mineral oil are inert lubricants and go through the dog without being digested. The worst side-effect is usually a loose stool.

If she really is becoming constipated, it is possible that she will need an enema. You should consult your veterinarian about this.

Good Luck.


Hi my dog got hit by a car 4 days ago and we rushed him to the vet emergency room and he has 3 fractures in his pelvis.. it was either a 2500 dollar surgery or crate rest for 6 wks. we had to choose the crate rest because of money issues plus the vet overnight cost us 800. they gave us pain meds and an antibiotic hes doing very well but hes having trouble going to the bathroom. hes very constipated, the vet said to use colate stool softener and that didnt help so we tried pumpkin. he wouldnt eat it. so i gave him a stool softener/ laxitive yesterday and he did try to poop but he would cry out in pain and he only let a little bit come out. so i was wondering if theres anything else that i can try to make it easier for him


Hello, Lindsey,

Let your veterinarian know what is going on. He/she may wish to give the dog an enema. I really cannot advise you to do this without knowing more about the case.

Best wishes.


My Doberman/Lab mix “Max” ( He is 11 months old) was hit by a car and is suffering from a broken pelvis. We have had him to the Vet for X-rays his hips are okay and his back and legs are not broken. The Vet expects him to recover well. Max is 89 pounds and needs a lot of help. We are using puppy pads for the constant dripping of urine and he has little control over his bowels but we are keeping that area clean also. We have to turn him every few hours or the side he is laying on gets soaked. We have noticed that his tail is swelling and limp and we are wondering if there is anything more we should be doing. Does anyone else have experience with a large dog with a broken pelvis – any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


Hello, James,

The swollen limp tail should be reported to your veterinarian. It is possible that the nerves controlling it have been damaged, either temporarily or permanently.

This could also be an indication that other nerves have been damaged, like the ones that control his bladder. Constant dripping of urine is not to be expected with a pelvic injury.

Call your veterinarian and let him know what his happening.

Good luck.

Patti S

My cat was hit by a car tonight. She has tail pull and her pelvis is broken in three places. She has no feeling in her back legs and the Vet says she may have nerve damage. I told the Vet I will do anything to save her. She was a rescue not even a year ago. I love her.


Hello, Patti,

I wish that I had something to offer you. The lack of pain sensation is a bad sign, usually indicating spinal cord damage.

I suspect your veterinarian has prescribed supportive care and pain medication.

I hope it is less severe than it sounds.

Best wishes.

J & L

Hello, last night our dog was hit by a car. She is a 2 year old pomeranian/beagle mix. She had trouble walking last night and this morning put some weight on her left hind leg but none on her right. When we took her to the vet he did xrays and found her right femur dislocated from the socket and 4 fractures in the pelvis. He said there may be some nerve damage as well that will complicate going to the bathroom and things like that but its hard to tell because there is so much swelling. right now they are keeping her there with pain meds and sedation to keep her still and resting to see if some of the swelling will go down so they can better see whats going on. my question is, in cases like this what are the odds of her being surviving? Also keeping use of her hind leg? What is the approximate healing time for wounds like this, and is it possible to heal without surgery or is that going to be the best option? I will ask our vet once we see him tomorrow but we're just so worried I was hoping to get some sort of answer to these questions sooner. thank you.


Hello, Jackquelline,

Pelvic fractures usually heal in an adult dog over a 4 week period, younger dogs may be up walking in as little as two weeks.

When the hip joint is not fractured, most patients will be functional with just cage rest. The heavy muscles around the pelvis act like a "self-splint".

Orthopedic surgery to put the pieces together is really difficult, due to the very irregular shape of the bone, and because it is heavily covered with muscles.

From your description, it sounds like one of the fractures may be in the area where the sciatic nerve crosses over the bone. If this nerve is actually torn in half, that leg will not function normally.

Sometimes the nerve is intact, but the swelling in the area keeps it from functioning during the early stages of healing.

Replacing the hip in the socket may be difficult, due to the nature of the injuries. When the pelvis is intact, it can usually be done without surgery. In this case, I cannot say, not having seen the pet or the X-rays.

Pelvic fractures deform the birth canal, so getting females spayed is important.

Many dogs with injuries such as you describe can lead happy lives, even if they don't recover use of the affected leg. I've seen quite a few 3-legged dogs that did really well.

Be sure to relay your concerns and questions to your veterinarian.

Best wishes.


I feel upon this and am looking for some advice! My puppy (4 1/2 months old), feel out of the car window while driving (sticking her head out the window, it was only 1/2 way down, little stinker) and we found out she broke her pelvis in just one place. I have the xrays from the vet uploaded on my computer. If you have an email I could forward and I would be eternally grateful for any advice! We have already spent $300 on x-rays and an exam. The vet recomends surgery at $2000!!! Yikes. It happened one week ago, and she's already running around (we try to keep her caged though) and bearing weight on it. We were told if she doesn't get it repaired, she could have severe arthritis for her lifetime. So confused on what to do! So much money that we don't have to spend, but don't want her to suffer forever. Please help!


Hi again,
I just wanted to be sure you knew I emailed you the xrays, as requested. Thanks again!!!!



Thank you for the excellent website! My 3 year-old neutered male cat was clipped by a car about 2 weeks ago. Exam by 2 vets thought no major fractures or internal injuries. He did have a deep gash between his hind leg and anus (and some bruises on his face).

He's eating (much less than normal) and walking about, but I still haven't seen him drink anything. (So, I'm still syringe feeding him at least once a day, just to make sure he gets some fluid.)

Is there any obvious issue that might cause him to stop drinking?




Hello, Jon,
If he is eating okay, then it's not any kind of bowel blockage issue. If he weren't urinating he would be pretty darn sick, and quit eating. I'm concerned about the dog being in pain, either from the trauma, or an infected wound.
I would suggest that you get the dog rechecked. Sometimes injuries don't really show up well until later.

Good luck.

Teisha A. Tinker

According to the humane society in my area, my pit bull was hit by a car. They said that his pelvis is broken, they sent me home with some pain meds and an anti inflammatory and called it a day... My poor dog has been whining since we brought him home. The meds seem to only help a tiny bit but there are a couple things that really concern me. Number one, his testicles are BLACK... he doesn't seem to have pain in that area but they are usually not that color. The other thing that worries me is that the side were he is hurting, well that leg keeps kicking or twitching on its own and my dog looks really scared when it happens. Is this going to heal on it's own or what should I do for him?


Hello, Teisha,

The black color is probably due to bruising. If there is no swelling, I'd leave it alone. If there is swelling, cold compresses should be applied for 20 minutes 3 times daily - A towel in ice water works well. NO ice should be applied directly, as it's too cold and will damage the skin.

The twitching suggests that the pelvic fracture (or related swelling) is putting pressure on a nerve. We can hope that this gets better as the swelling goes down.

The pain should be better tomorrow. It is worst in the first 24 hours up to 72 hours. You might contact the prescriber and see if it is safe to increase the dose for now.

Without seeing your X-rays it is hard to say what will happen, but most pelvic fractures do heal on their own within 2 to 4 weeks.

Good luck.


Hi my poor cat (6.5yr old female) was backed over in our driveway. She immediately couldn't walk on her hind legs. I took her to the emergency vet who did xrays etc and told me her hip was just out of socket and it didn't look like any spinal damage maybe just compression on the cord due to swelling. They put her hip back in place gave me some pain meds and steriods and told me to see my vet in 3 days and if she didn't make any progress with movement within 24-72 hours she probably had some spinal cord damage. She started moving her legs and tail but would not stand or anything. Monday morning I took her to the vet and there they looked at the xrays that were done and said she had a pelvic fracture and her knee was broke! So they put a splint on her leg and told me it needed to be changed weekly. She cannot get up to get to the litter box....she urinates on herself and the vet told me not to wrap any kind of plastic wrap or anything around the splint to keep it dry. They are charging me $110 each time I have to take her in to get it changed (weekly and PRN if wet etc). They don't want me to change it myself and I can't afford to pay that much if she is constantly going to soil it. My question is (sorry it has taken a while to get to the point) if we leave the splint off and just do cage rest will she be able to walk ever again? Thanks so much!


Hello, Sarah,

The pelvic fracture will probably heal without any treatment except cage rest.

The hip has a better than 50% chance of staying in the socket and doing okay. Even if it doesn't it may form a "false joint" in the muscle tissues and still be serviceable.

The "broken knee" will probably not heal unless it is kept immobilized. The cat may likely walk on 3 legs, but that leg probably won't be functional if not kept splinted.

I wish I had an easier answer for you.

Good luck.


Hi. I had a question on time to "full" activity.

It's been 4 weeks since my cat got hit by a car--testing from vet showed pelvic fracture and his blood tests were normal except for liver values were "diluted." I limited his activity by preventing him from going up and down steps. Now he's walking normally, but everytime I let him outside, he comes back and looks "sore" in walking and doesn't eat as much.

Just wondering how I know when to let him go back to normal activities?




We usually say that it will be two to four weeks before the animal is up walking. If you've ever had a fracture, when you first get your cast off, you're really not ready for full activity.
It sounds like things are going well, but I would certainly give him another two weeks to get back on his feet. It may take several weeks to really get as good as he is going to get.


My dog was run over by a car yesterday and has bad injuries. Her pelvis is broken and has come away from her spine. He weight bearing joint (I don't remember the name) has been shattered. Surgery was not recommended because she is 14. So far she is managing well-eating, drinking, urinating, and comfortable. One vet who reviwed her xrays said I should put her to sleep. Another vet said she could heal with 5 to 6 months of bed rest. Because she is acting normal I am going to keep her on bed rest and maybe get her a wheelchair eventually. Do u have any other suggestions?


Hello, Randi,

This is indeed a difficult situation. Stay in close touch with your veterinarian and be sure that she is urinating okay. She could have trouble with urine retention and urinary tract infections.
She could also develop decubital sores (bed-sores).

Please keep your veterinarian informed about your dog's condition.

If she is not taking pain medication, you need to get help evaluating that situation, also.

Good luck.


My dog was hit by a truck and broke his pelvis. The vet put him on pain meds and mentioned feeding him canned tuna with oil. Drain as much oil off as you can. One week later he is eating, drinking and starting to wobble around. Can I give him Poly-vi-sol baby vitmins? Will this help in the healing? and the long term effects of the break?


Hello, Darla,

The vitamins will not hurt, and may help. The long-term effects of the fracture depend on where the breaks are, and the dog's general condition and other injuries.

Your veterinarian is better equipped to answer this question, as he/she has actually seen your dog's injuries.

Best wishes.


Hi, My 4 year old American Bulldog was hit by a car this morning. We found her sitting on our porch with a bloody tail and road rash. She didn't appear to be in any pain. My husband tried to stand her up and her hind legs were pretty limp. Somehow she made it to the porch though!? The vet says she has a fractured hip and her sacrum is fractured. He says she needs surgery that he does not perform. When he examined her he did say that she was putting some weight on her left leg. That's a good sign right? He has referred us to a surgeon who says it could cost anywhere from 1,600 to $3,200 . We do not have that kind of money and they will not work out any kind of payment plan!! My question is ... Is there any chance this could heal on its own?? What kind of risk would we be taking by going that route? I really don't want to put her to sleep. :o( We are letting her stay at the vet tonight and I will be picking her up in the morning. I just don't know what to do!


Hello, Kacey,

I'm not sure that I can give you meaningful advice. I haven't seen the dog or X-rays, and I'm not an orthopedic specialist.

A fractured hip joint is extremely unlikely to heal on its own, and if it did, would almost certainly heal in an abnormal fashion. This would result in a joint that would develop severe arthritis at an early age, even if it functioned okay initially.

The broken sacrum could impinge on spinal nerves if it heals improperly. This are is more likely to heal on its own, but no guarantees that things would be normal.

From your description, it sounds like that without treatment, the best outcome would be a dog that walks on three legs without much pain. The leg with the fractured hip would probably not be functional, and might continue to have pain. The pain might be minor and controllable with medication.

It always amazes me when a dog even lives through an encounter with an automobile.

It is unfortunate that your dog was injured in this way, but there is no simple quick fix for such a problem. The surgery is complex, requiring a specialist, and just the materials are expensive, even if you expected the doctor to work for free (which would not be reasonable).

You might consider applying for Care Credit. This is a credit card that is only used for medical expenses. If approved, they usually give you the first 3 months interest free. After that, the rate is plenty high if you don't pay it off monthly.

In the meantime, your veterinarian should be able to help you manage your dog's pain with medication.

Best wishes.


hey my cat got hit by a car last night i took him the the vet straight away they told me it wasnt bad enough to have surgry on but he has had a bit of blood in his urine does this mean he has internal bleeding i told the vet and he just said to me thats a sign hes been hit but i dunno pls help oh and how long should i keep him on bed rest for ?


Hello, Shannon,

When the cat has taken a blow to the back end that would break the pelvis, the urinary bladder can be bruised, even if not severely damaged. This will cause some blood in the urine. If the amount of blood is small, and it stops in a couple of days, then this should not be a problem.

If the leg bones and hip joints are okay, then most pelvic fracture patients will be up and walking in about two weeks, though it could take four weeks.

With the bladder damage, it is important to be sure that your cat is continuing to urinate. Sometimes a damaged bladder works okay for a few days, then the damaged tissue breaks. Urine pools inside the belly, instead of coming out of the cat like it is supposed to. If your cat quits passing urine, you need to take him back to the doctor.

With female cats, it is important to get them spayed, even if they heal up okay. The birth canal is usually deformed by the injury, and they cannot have kittens without surgery.

With a male cat, this is not an issue, of course.

With good nursing care and cage rest (in a travel cage, for instance) most will be up and going in a couple of weeks. If your cat is urinating okay and eating okay, then the prognosis is good.


My 4 year old shitzu got hit by a car friday night we rushed her to the clinic and she has a fractured pelvis she just delivered pups 4 weeks ago now we feeding the pups can food and milk pups my dog she seems to be in pain at night we have her in a cage aas we were told by thr vet but she is crying all night am not sure if is that she is in a cage or pain my questions is what are the chances for her pelvis to heal with out surgery.?if the vet er vet never mentioned the bladder i should not be concerned on this or what are the test to know if there was any bladder damage??


Hello, Ursula,

Most pelvic fractures will heal without surgery. If they involve the hip joint, arthritis can result at an early age.

The birth canal can be deformed, so it would be best if she is not bred again in the future. Better yet, get her spayed to remove the chance of pregnancy.

If she is passing urine out of her body, then her bladder is probably okay. If it were badly damaged, the urine would pool inside her body, and you wouldn't see it come out.

I hope that her pain is beginning to subside since it is three days now. It is certainly possible that she is still in pain.

I would ask your veterinarian again about some pain medicine for her.

Good luck.


what if the vet says my dogs pelvis is "crushed" I have no money to provide her with a surgery. I am so sad thinking my only altenative is to put her down. Is that so?


Hello, Cathy,

It is difficult for me to advise you, not knowing your pet or having seen your X-rays.

Your veterinarian is your best source of information.

"Crushed" does sound like something that may be beyond repair. Cars can do terrible damage to a dog.

Best wishes.

Lynz Smith

Hello! Over a year ago I asked you about my cat Lou who had fractured his pelvis near to the joint. Well, he ended up healing fine and was doing well until this May when a vehicle struck our apartment building. I dont know if he was just startled or if he was under something when it happened but afterwards he displayed the same symptoms as when he fractured his pelvis. We had x-rays done and they were inconclusive. My regular vet suggested taking him to a neurologist which I didnt do but he seemed to recover fairly quickly but has a residual limp. On Aug 20 my much larger cat jumped on him and seemed to reinjure him yet again in the same way. Not trusting my vet's opinion I took him elsewhere and within 5 mins of examining him the vet declared that his pelvis 'did not feel normal' and told me to obtain his previous xrays b/f taking him back. I plan on taking him in for more xrays next week at this new vets but in the meantime i was wondering if you had any idea as to why his pelvis may be misshapen and why my usual vet didnt determine this in May. Any advice would be great. Thanks so much, Lynz.


Hello, Lynz,

While the pelvis will usually heal on its own, it frequently does not heal in a completely normal alignment.

The fragments of bone do stick together, but they may not be stuck together as though nothing happened.

The resulting deformity of the pelvic bone and "birth canal" area is usually not of much consequence in males. It doesn't take much deformity to prevent the delivery of kittens, so females should be spayed. It takes a LOT of deformity to keep the cat from passing stool, so male cats usually are not troubled by this.

It is not surprising at all that the pelvis does not "feel normal" if was fractured previously.

The question is whether or not this has any relationship to his present problems. I would question this, as he had done well for months before being re-traumatized.

While the old injury needs to be considered in evaluating his current problem, I would certainly be looking for other things related to the more recent injuries, as well.

Good luck.


My cat went missing for 3 weeks,returned ths friday,he has a fractured pelvis not sure when this happened or how,he hasnt passed urine yet,in a cage,purring,eating,drinking,washing,but not been?rally worried


Hello, Jenny,

Purring, eating, drinking and washing all sound good.

I would recommend seeing your veterinarian to determine if there are any neurological deficits. Even if the legs are intact, there could be nerve damage affecting the control of them, and also affecting the control of the bladder.

Your veterinarian can also determine if the bladder is intact and able to empty normally.

This is not something that I can really help you with long distance.

Good luck.


Hi my doberman shepherd was hit tonight by a truck he ran away from the truck to the grass. He cant move his back legs. the lady who hit him was a vet tech she said if he makes it as long as 3 hours he may not have internal bleeding an he could recover in time since hes young i cant get him to eat or drink :-( i really hope he can recover. Im hoping tmw the vet will give me some pain meds for him. What do i do an what could be the out come.


Hello, Tina,

If it is just a pelvic fracture, many patients recover without a lot of major intervention: strict rest and pain control.

The inability to move the hind legs makes me worried about a spinal cord injury, that is almost always permanent.

Your dog needs a good examination by your veterinarian to see the extent of the damage.

Good luck.


My cat was hit by a car four nights ago. The emergency vet took x-rays and blood. His blood was fine and there doesn't seem to be internal damage. His pelvis is fractured. We were able to take him home Sunday night and took him to our regular vet (per the emergency vet's orders) on Monday morning. The regular vet only had him a few hours and said that the only serious problem could be if the pelvic bone is pressing on the rectum. He had a small bowel movement at the vet's that day, but the stool was hard. We've been giving him kitty laxative gel (that he really likes) as the vet suggested. We will be taking our cat back to the vet next Monday (so it will be about 9 days after the accident) to do more x-rays and make sure everything is okay. We have him in a large (for dobermans we used to have) crate. He's eating really well, but only drinks if we mix his food with water. He is urinating about twice a day.

After all of that -- what the vet said about the rectum being an issue (and then if it is surgery being needed) has me worried. I know with humans pain medicine does cause constipation and he obviously isn't eating as much as usual . . . so how long is usually "normal" for constipation to last in this sort of case? And, do you think a litter box in the cage would help right now? he won't even drag himself to his food or water bowl. He will "help" me move him if he's urinated on himself, but that's about it right now. So I don't see the point of having a litter box in there unless it could potentially "entice" him to feel more comfortable about going to the bathroom??


Also, what is the best way to pick him & help him use the litter box? And what is the best way to pick him up and move him over to his other side so he doesn't get bed sores?


Hello, Jenny,

Try to support both front and back as you turn him, with a hand under his shoulders and chest, and the other hand under his thighs and hips.

Ideally, you would roll him so that his legs go under him, rather than rolling him on his back (legs going over the top). However, this usually requires two sets of hands (two people).

If he is lying flat on his side, I would try to turn him every two to four hours.

Good luck.


Thank you for the advice.

I called my vet today and he "wasn't in right then" and never called me back, so I'm a bit frustrated because I wanted to figure this problem out:

I picked him up just as you described and he didn't make a peep, he seemed completely okay with how I was lifting him and I had him in the air and even had him rolled over without any problems.

But, as soon as I put him down onto the blanket (onto his "bad" side) he started crying, pushed himself up (or tried to) stumbled out of my hands and fell (by this time I had him again and so I "helped" him fall gently) back onto the same side he is constantly lying on.

He just refuses to be on the other side or to even lay on his belly.

I have lifted his front half up and massaged/ scratched the side he is laying on to try and get blood going and he is okay with that and purrs.

I can't get near his back legs to clean them or to move him into a new position or to massage them, however.

Is this something that will resolve itself in time? Should I leave him be for now and not try rolling him to his other side for a few days?

I will call my vet again tomorrow, but if I get the same brush off, I'd like at least your opinion to work with.

Thanks so much.


Hello, Jenny,
I understand your frustration. I know that sometimes I get a bit overloaded and am really late calling people back.

I think that your instinct is correct when you decide to NOT do something that appears to cause pain.

I wish that I could give you more specific advice, but it's really not possible without an examination.

Do call your veterinarian again.

Best wishes.


Dear Doctor,

My 2.5 yr old Corgi was hit buy a car about 6 weeks ago, his pelvic bone was fractured and is no longer connected to his spine.

The Emergency room doctor recommended surgery, but we just couldn't afford it. So we took the conservative approach and cage rest him for 6 weeks now. My poor corgi still cannot walk.

Should we try to give him some training/assistant to walk again? We are hoping that he just can't move much because he's been in a cage for so long.

Please let us know what we should/can do to help him!

Much appreciated!!


Hello, Tracy,

I believe that the first thing needed is to have your regular veterinarian re-evaluate your dog. You need to know several things.

Is the spinal cord intact? Does he have feeling in the legs? Is he emptying his bladder normally or is it staying pretty full (leading to bladder infections)?

This is not just a walking issue. It's also not something I can diagnose or recommend for "long distance".

If your pet just needs some additional physical support, this company has really good products.


I definitely would not start ordering stuff to try to get the dog up without having him re-evaluated.

Good luck.

Lorna quinn

My Yorkshire terrier fell of the settee and was yelping in pain , he now has no power at all on his back legs , vet says to take him home n give him complete rest to see if any power returns do you think he will be ok , thanks


Hello, Lorna,

I wish that I could be of more help to you. Without a good neurological examination (and maybe X-rays), I don't know what to tell you.

Pelvic fractures usually do not result in a loss of control or feeling in the hind legs. The dog hurts too much to walk on them, but he can move them.

A spinal disc injury can put enough pressure on the spinal cord nerves to prevent the dog from using the legs, but it seems unlikely that this would occur just falling off the couch.

Please call your veterinarian and tell him/her that you need some more explanation on what he/she thinks the dog's actual injury may be.

Let them know that you aren't really sure what your are supposed to be doing or looking for.

I'm afraid I can't tell you much without having seen the dog, so call your veterinarian back.

Good luck.


Dear Doctor,

This is Tracy with the 2.5 year old Corgi, who has a pelvic bone fracture for about 9 weeks now.

We took your advice and have him re-evaluated, but the vet recommended us to visit a neurologist to understand why he still cannot walk. He can sometimes stand up with the good rear leg, but the broken leg seemed to be dragging next to it, it seemed to blocks him from walking, and I can imagine the pain with all the broken pelvic bones.

My family is thinking of amputating the broken leg, and hopefully he can walk again. Do you know how much the surgery usually cost, and the recovery time? He's a 27 lbs corgi, do you think he can still walk after amputation of the rear leg?

Much appreciated!


Hello, Tracy,

If the dog can walk on three legs now, he should be even better after amputating the non-functional leg.

The recovery time is usually about 10 days.

I cannot comment on cost of surgery in your area. This varies so much with the overhead costs of the hospital, and the general costs in an area.

Your veterinarian should be able to give you a very close estimate of the surgical cost ahead of time.

While this surgery is not routine for the dog, it is not something that usually requires a specialist.

Best wishes.

heidi kroeck

my 4 year old cat got run over in the driveway Friday night (we did not know we hit him except for the car felt like it hit a small speed bump)and we found him on the back porch later on. We took him to the emergency and the doctor took xrays and said he would recover from the small pelvic fracture though we declined to do the traumatic injury test or blood work. He was put on pain meds and cage rest. He barely moved the whole next day and never went to the bathroom or ate. 24 hours after the car accident he started twitching his front legs slowly then his back legs then his whole body and we brought him back to the ER vet who said his BUN was off the chart and even for a traumatic injury it should not be that high and said it looked like antifreeze toxicity. He ended up needing put down but I still think this could have been from the car hit. What do you say?

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