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July 26, 2012


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Good for you, and good for Ling Ling! It's so hard to know what our pets really need...if only they could talk. Glad to hear her recovery is going well. By the way, I work with an FDA cleared PEMF therapy device called Assisi. It uses microcurrents to reduce swelling and edema post surgery. You might want to look into it: http://www.assisianimalhealth.com

Cheers, Naomi


I've been reading your blogs and you do so much to help these babies. They are lucky to have you as their Vet. I have a question but I didn't know where to go to start a new question. My male dog is 10 years old. Yesterday, I noticed he was licking his leg a lot. I felt of it and didn't feel anything and didn't notice him licking it anymore until today. I felt of his leg again today and he has a small lump about the size of my thumbnail and it has a pink area in the center where he has been licking it. It isn't warm to the touch, he isn't limping and he is eating and drinking good and still runs after squirrels, so he's acting his normal self. Should I just watch it and see if it grows or goes away before calling our Vet? If so, is there anything I can put on it - some wound care spray or something? Thank you in advance for your help.


Hello, LInda,

This could be anything from a skin tumor to a reaction to some sort of foreign body (splinter, etc.).

If it doesn't go away on its own in a few days, I'd let your veterinarian look at it. If it is low on the leg, you don't have a lot of loose skin to play with. If it is growing, you want to get it off while it's still small and easy to remove.


Thank you for your quick response. I'll definitely keep an eye on it. I haven't noticed him licking the area yet today and it wasn't wet when I felt the spot but there is still a small lump there. It is located on his forearm, so you are correct, there isn't a lot of loose skin.

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