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November 24, 2008


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Darlene Norris

Wow, that's really nasty. The poor dog; he sounds like a stinker, but he sure didn't deserve that mess in his mouth. Guess the moral of the story is that if your dog or cat has bad breath, you'd better get it checked out by the vet!

Mary Turzillo

Dental scaling cannot be done without anaesthesia, right? I used to have my cats' teeth scaled on a regular basis -- until one of them nearly died from anaesthesia. She was relatively young -- about five years -- and otherwise healthy, So, that's one reason people "think about it." My neighbor has the same issue with her elderly dog.

Assuming that pet owners are stupid or cheap or lazy is not a good way to communicate. You need to present all sides and admit downsides as well as benefits. That way, pet owners will share concerns. Maybe they still will elect not to get certain procedures, and you will disapprove, but the animal won't necessarily be worse off.

Lurker nearly died. She had to be taken back to the vet and kept for two nights.


Hello, Mary,

"Assuming that pet owners are stupid or cheap or lazy is not a good way to communicate. You need to present all sides and admit downsides as well as benefits."

You are so right. I neither assume nor believe those things, and deeply regret conveying the impression that I do.

If anesthesia were good for you, you wouldn't lose consciousness. Most of the time we are able to manage it successfully, but there are always risks. I lost a good friend who had an "outpatient procedure" in an ENT specialist's office. His wife didn't bother to come with him, as they told him he would be able to drive himself home. Died in the chair. There are always risks.

The other side of the coin is a refusal to consider the benefits of the procedure and (most importantly) the risks of allowing the disease to continue because of a fixed idea that "anesthesia is too dangerous".

Any procedure must be approached from a risk versus benefit perspective.

Thanks for reading and writing.

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