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November 24, 2011


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This is a very informative article. This shortage is unbelievable but at least they’re working on more alternatives (Trying to be positive)*. I have heard that now there is a product that both kills and prevents heart worms called HWF (Heart Worm Free)- this seems to be doing the best as a substitute for right now.


This product has no proven effectiveness.

I have spoken with veterinarians who are well-known experts on holistic and alternative medicines, as well as those interested in Chinese traditional herbal medicines.

The product is considered to be what used to be known as "snake oil", i.e. bogus.


Thank you Dr. Mobley.

This dog is also not neutered and the veterinarian does not want to neuter until the dog is free of heartworms.

We have been treating for doxycycline + ivermectin for 3 weeks so time to make a decision. I am going to the vet on Saturday and will discuss it.

I thought this study stated ivermectin + doxycycline killed 78.3% of adult heartworms after 36 weeks, but it states "reduction of adult heartworms" so perhaps they are referring to physical size reduction, not reduction in actual number.


Thank you for a good discussion of an important issue.


Hello again, Eric,

I am not a heartworm researcher, but do try to relay correct and current information from experts I respect.

We pre-treat dogs with this regimen, as I said before, and they still have the heartworms. It is a good thing to do, but I certainly would not depend on it clearing the dog of adult heartworms (without the Immiticide).

Thanks for reading and writing.


We ultimately treated with Immiticide and the dog has now tested free of heartworms.

At least, free based on the SNAP 4 DX.

It was a long and hard ordeal for the dog and with all the confusing information about heartworm and prevention and treatment it seems impossible to know the best choice. The person who was fostering him is a nurse and she told me more than once she thought he was going do die during recovery.


Glad you've had a good outcome. Thanks for writing.

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