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November 25, 2011


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How do you suppose she got into rat poison?

So glad you were able to figure out what was wrong with her. And, I bet her people feel the same.


She does stay at more than one house, and she does go for a walk sometimes. Dogs are a lot closer to the ground than people are, and a lot more interested in eating goofy stuff.

The anti-coagulant type poisons are slow-acting, and it is generally several days after ingestion before the dog becomes ill.

The up-side is that if you see them eat it, you have plenty of time to start the antidote. The down-side is that they look okay at first, so sometimes people just assume that they didn't get enough to hurt them. Three or four days later the dog is bleeding to death.

The source of exposure is not known here, and our diagnosis is really based on response to therapy. If the dog is just getting better in spite of us (as mysteriously as she became ill), I'm okay with that, too. More worrisome though.

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