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September 01, 2011


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I am total agreement. When my dog Chester was successfully treated with Immiticide last year, he was given a full course of prednisone for joint inflammation and pain. It did wonders. Unfortunately, the drug that's used (Immiticide) is a form of poison and pain management is important here. Your vet should be made aware of what you are observing so that his pain levels can be addressed.It's a tough row to hoe, but when it is all done, it's wonderful!


Poor doggie :(

Account Deleted

hope the dog feel better soon

Elizabeth & The Lab Crew

I do hope the dog is doing better. However I am always amazed that someone will write to a blog writer ( even if he is a Vet ) to ask for advice on a issue like this rather than call their own vet "right away"..


Hello, Elizabeth and Crew,

I also am amazed. Most of my replies advise these folks to let their veterinarian know what is happening. When we don't hear from the client, we think everything must be okay.

We try to call our clients back in a day or two to see how things are going. It blows my mind when they are having much worse problems, but didn't call us to let us know.

Pet Supplies Online

According to my opinion heartworm disease is completely preventable. A number of different products with excellent safety profiles are available. Tragically, some studies indicate that a minority of dogs and cats receive the preventatives as they should. Animals in the majority now are at even greater risk.

Melinda Regner

How sad..
almost the same incident happened to my friends' saint bernard

sally webster

I am glad I found this page. My lab just had her first treatment today and she is very restless and only lays down for a few minutes at a time, she is very careful getting up to stand and very slow to lay back down. She has not eat anything since I picked her up from the vet. They did give her tramadol to give 2 pills every 8 hours for pain and 2 benadryl, It seems to help a little but not much. I have cried all evening thinking I have done the wrong thing by having this heartworm treatment done. I had a little dog that had heartworm treatment done 7 years ago and he died,I was very scared to do this with my lab. But the vet said she had to have it done and she is 3 years old and should do well, my Fred was 9 and a half years old and a cocker mix. I still feel the guilt of choosing HW treatment for him and I miss him still. I have prayed for Annabelle to be ok through this.


Hello, Sally,

I suspect by this time that your dog is feeling better. The soreness rarely lasts more than 24 to 48 hours.

You might ask your veterinarian about increasing dose or frequency. We usually give one 50mg Tramadol tablet per 20 pounds of body weight, up to four times daily, if needed. Dogs absorb Tramadol poorly, so require much larger doses than people of similar size.

Valerie Victoria

I am rescuing a whiten terrier from a no kill shelter he tested positive for heartworms anf has had his first treatments unfortunately he is not doing so well with his mobility with his back legs the vet tech seems to think it could be a underlying condition such as a tumor, because usually dogs will regain strength within a couple of days of treatments he has not. He is eating and drinking has anyone had an experience where there pet took longer to gain strength


Hello, Valerie,

Even with dogs that have had very severe pain, all of my patients have gotten back to normal within 2 or 3 days. If your dog is having problems for longer than that, he should be evaluated by your veterinarian.

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