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October 20, 2010


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Jeepers! Was that damage done by another dog - like Cujo, or what? Major kudos to him, his owners, and you and your staff for his recovery!


Hello, Kate,

While we do not know, our best guess is that he was attacked by a pack of dogs, possibly coyotes. I don't believe one dog could have held him down and bitten him in so many places.

Thanks for reading and writing.


I have a mini-pinscher/chihuahua who was just attacked by a coyote and has lots of crushing to his ribs along with extensive wounds to his chest (currently bandaged), and wounds to his abdomen (stitched, with a drain).

Is it possible for a people nurse (RN) to do the dressing and take care of him at home for the rest, in your opinion? I am devoted to him, and my mother is a nurse who offered to help.

The cost of hospitalization has become prohibitive, and it's only been a few days...thinking this may take 7 weeks in a hospital makes me cry, because there is no way I can afford it...


Hello, H,

It is certainly possible for a people nurse to perform dressing changes.

Talk with your veterinarian about this. I think that your mom would need to visit with the doctors to observe what they are doing, and get instructions about what they are trying to do. They would also have to tell her what she should be looking for during the aftercare.

The injuries have been severe (from your description)so it isn't going to be simply a matter of taking gauze on and off.

Talk with your veterinarian about this.

Best wishes.


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