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January 26, 2010


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Unfortunately, he'll still have cataracts. How old is he?

veterinary clinic tx

I think Jackson might see well now. Isn't he? He is a really sweet dog and I like you to update him.

- Mathew R.


Hello, Mathew,

Unfortunately, Jackson's cataracts will not get any better without surgical removal by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Right now our first priority is to get his blood sugar regulated, then re-evaluate him for any other problems.

Thanks for reading and writing.

Nancy Richards


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I loved your article it has great information. I think you and your readers might be interested in another article I found, about pets and dry eyes.

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Just funny I didn't know that dogs also have a cataract?



It seems like when dogs get cataracts they have alot of trouble being able to see anything at all. Our family dog "Susie" used to walk right into the pool in the middle of winter because her vision had become so poor.


my dog does not eating for 2 day .. i think she has a cataracts .. what should i do ? pls. help me


Hello, Roselle,
Cataracts can be scary for the dog if they develop suddenly, causing the dog to go blind in just a few days.

They are not typically painful, though a long-term cataract can rupture the lens capsule inside the eye and cause severe inflammation.

Not eating usually indicates that a dog feels bad, but is not a very specific sign.

This is something that needs "hands on". You really need to take your dog to a veterinarian for an examination.

I am sorry that I cannot be of help to you.

Good luck.

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